Revolutionizing the Eventing Industry

Mar 6, 2019 | Company News, News, Our Clients

Our client (SAMLA) came to us with a dream of passing on their knowledge and expertise to as many professionals in the medico-legal field as possible throughout South Africa. They were initially quoted ridiculous sums and in the 11th hour came to us out of shear desperation fearing their dream would never take flight.

We were only too happy to take on the challenge and ran a hugely successful 11-day course with them in 2018. We will now be converting that pioneering programme into an online course so that it will be available in perpetuity for future generations. Hundreds of professionals who participated in this course expressed appreciation for the contribution the course made to their insight in the medico-legal field.

The 2019 Series of Workshops started on Saturday 2nd March with live fully interactive events in Johannesburg, Cape Town & Durban. Participants countrywide who cannot attend in these centres can dial in remotely with the ability to engage with the lecturers and expert panelists. The engagement between professionals and participants create new perspectives for professionals furthering their understanding of complex issues. Healthy debate is a common result and this is where the unique learning experience occurs. Picture someone on holiday who cannot attend a live day event being able to dial in and ask a question to a panelist in Cape Town who then defers to another expert in Durban.



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