Create Event Buzz Using Hashtags

Apr 18, 2019 | Company News, News, Our Clients

Hashtags are the cornerstone of social media marketing, but many companies still don’t know how to use them effectively. Hashtags have the power to build your brand awareness and bring consumers to you if you use them well. Using a random hashtag does not help because, just like anything else, hashtags need a brand strategy. Find out how to maximize your brand by using hashtags.

Why are Hashtags Used

Hashtags are used on social media to categorize content and make the discovery of content, relevant articles and tracking of insights easier. On social networks like Instagram, they allow you to find your target audience but also for your target audience to find you. Hashtags can increase how much people engage with your pages and build your brand. But just like anything marketing-related, each social network requires a specific strategy when using hashtags.


Hashtags imageHow to use Hashtags on the different social networks


You may have noticed how companies spam the Hashtags on Instagram. This is because these Hashtags allow for the discovery of content and to find users to follow. Instagram keeps a database of the different hashtags that are used so that content is always discoverable. According to Sprout Social, Instagram posts that make use of hashtags get 12.6% more engagement than those that don’t. So, the more hashtags you use, the higher your engagement.

When promoting an event on Instagram, hashtag as many words that have a high following as possible!



Twitter is a different story to Instagram. People use hashtags to find conversations on this network. Hashtags can lead to trending topics if enough people use your hashtags. But beware, do not spam people with hashtags! Insights have shown that Twitter users do not like to interact with tweets that have more than two hashtags within them, so tag wisely! Remember not to string whole sentences together within a hashtag, otherwise it becomes an eyesore.

When it comes to promoting your event on twitter, choose the best hashtags for your event, your brand and to enable your audience to find you.



Unlike Twitter and Instagram, Facebook profiles are usually private, so hashtags are not publicly discoverable. This makes it difficult to find what people are following. Pages can still use make use of hashtags for event marketing or even running campaigns and competitions. The golden rule here is to stick to one to two hashtags per post. Again, choose the best ones related to your brand.



LinkedIn only recently started tracking hashtags. Users can search and follow for different keywords using the hashtags. That means using them in your posts and articles gives you a greater chance of being discovered by LinkedIn users following that keyword. LinkedIn is mainly used by business professionals. Although advertising corporate conferences and professional events are commonplace on LinkedIn, always use hashtags that are straightforward and professional.


Hashtags1How to use Hashtags on the different social networks

Build Your hashtag strategy / Find your perfect Hashtag

So now that you’ve gained all this knowledge about hashtags, what do you do with it? Build a hashtag strategy of course! Building a strategy involves a few simple steps.

1. Look at what the influencers in your industry are doing – if it works, adapt it to your business and don’t be afraid to use the general tags they use.

2. See what’s trending – if you can adapt a trending topic to your event, do it!

3. Make hashtags specific to your audience – make use of tags related to your niche business.

4. Create and use a branded hashtag – from McDonald’s #ImLovinIt, Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke to Lay’s #DoMeAFlavour, creating a tag synonymous with your brand is key.

5. Contact Azlyn Creative and let us Hashtag for you and your business.