Virtual Events & Solutions

Virtual Events

Virtual events are a crucial way for companies to connect businesses and stakeholders whilst also saving on company resources by using alternative digital solutions for company events. With virtual events you will be able to drastically increase participation since transport and accommodation costs are eliminated. Our team provides a wide variety of online solutions including video conferencing, webinars, online team building, virtual meetings and live streaming. With customized technical solutions to meet your every need.


With our video conferencing equipment and software, you will receive the best image and sound quality experience for your upcoming events or meeting. Our video conferencing solutions will help facilitate virtual collaborations from any location across the country. We will provide you with efficient, user-friendly cost-effective video conferencing units that provide real-time engagement.

Video Conferencing



Managing a large group of people virtually requires extensive planning and coordination. Our skilled team is able to provide you with real-time collaborative events online, at any time and place. Allow your audience to participate through a more interactive experience. Our webinar technology allows participants to chat, record events, conduct surveys as well as sharing desktop screens, videos and presentations.



We provide fun online team building activities to boost company cohesiveness, for remote employees who are feeling lonely, isolated and unsupported. From icebreaker activities to virtual dance parties and online quizzes, we will provide the necessary tools, tactics and strategies to successfully improve the morale of your company effectively. These activities are also developed to help your company members engage in strategic thinking, conflict management, brand awareness and further improve collaborative skills.

Online Teambuilding


Live Streaming

We reduce the complexities of live streaming. Unlike other free live streaming solutions, we provide you with functionality and support throughout your live stream event, as well as extensive privacy and security features with professional video hosting. Host an online party or an event from any location. Provide your audience with reliable quality experiences that gives them pause-free, glitch-free and buffering-free viewing whilst extending the reach of your live streaming content.