Promotions & Activations

We specialize in activations and promotions. We’re skilled in the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences. Drive consumers to act! 

Our team knows that product demonstrations are an essential tool in increasing the impact and sales of products. We help businesses run effective promotions and activations, from the initial planning process to implementation, even going as far as supplying branded promotional items.

Brand activations and promotions help initiate a relationship between the customer and business, by providing an opportunity for customers and potential customers to engage with your brand.

Facilitation & Incentives

If you need to foster extra motivation in your employees, our team facilitates sales-based incentive programmes to make sure that your business’ goals are met, and your employees are rewarded for their hard work.

Our team is passionate about improving people’s performance, rewarding their efforts and achieving great results for our clients. We firmly believe that happy employees perform better when motivated, and that engaged staff can immensely improve a brand. We welcome the opportunity to become your incentive partner and improve your bottom line.


Sales-based programmes are the best way to improve the performance of those people selling your brand. You need them to be loyal to your brand, to help promote your brand and to make your customer experience a fantastic one. We help with solutions that will ensure these objectives are realised.



Reward and recognition programmes aid in improving your company culture, in ensuring that everyone is performing at their maximum ability and living the company values.


So, you’ve got your Incentive and Recognition programmes all sorted, but sourcing those rewards takes time, which you may not have. We source and provide these rewards, from cash rewards, gift cards, virtual rewards, to company branded items or any specific items you require.