Bookkeeping & Company Secretarial Services


Accurate Bookkeeping is an essential task that no business should be without.  Financial knowledge is vital in any business to make decisions and plan on the way forward.  Our services ensure your bookkeeping records are up to date & accurate.

Daily / Weekly / Monthly capturing of purchases, sales, receipts and payments.

Monthly Reports & Reconciliations

VAT Returns

Provisional Tax Returns

PAYE / UIF & SDL Returns

Monthly UI19 Declarations

Workers Compensation Fund Registration and Returns

Individual Tax Returns

Financial Management to ensure accurate Annual Financial Statements


We have a wealth of experience in the company secretarial space and will ensure your business stays up to date with all your statutory obligations, giving you the time to focus on your core business. We offer the following:

Name Reservations

Company Registrations

Assistance with Memorandum of Incorporation

Directorship General Information Amendment

Directorship Changes


Annual Returns on CIPC


Our CEO, Herman Q Edeling, is an internationally accredited mediator available for any dispute resolution with a focus in commercial disputes, property disputes and medical mediation (incl. Medical Negligence and Personal Injury). He is highly qualified & experienced and consults with clients on:

Business Strategy & Planning

Business Structures

Company Tax

Personal Tax

Financial Management


Legal Entities

Estate Planning


Property Valuation & Management